Monday, April 17, 2017

April 17, 2017

For my spiritual thought today I'll attach three screenshots that you guys can read. It really puts things into perspective regarding the sacrifice Christ made.




Finding a lot this week as usual, but today we finally met someone with decent potential! He's in high school and said we can come back on Saturday so check back on Saturday for an update.

We've just been finding, unfortunately I don't have anything weird to report, just a couple pastors trying ("trying") to rebuke us who think they're smarter than we are, little do they know...we actually have the spirit guide us through the Bible instead of college text books, but it's ok. They lived on the same street too, one of the wealthiest streets in town. Ironic too, since Jesus never lived in wealthy houses, let alone get his money from preaching. But this is the world we live in. Apostasy's not new - the book is the blue - the church is true. 

We didn't see him today, or the other person we were going to see or the other one. But it's alright because the first guy said we can come back Monday.


So I recieved bad news and good news today... Bad news. So if you remember I'm in a tiny ward smaller than most branches, it just can't be demoted. Well two more families are moving out before the end of the month. We're looking at like 30-40 people each Sunday now. Good news. After 3+ months of working kinks and going up the chain, we got permission to move on with one of our investigators who has been and investigating and coming to church for over a year. We can finally move towards baptism! We just have to get through a couple repentance items and solidify his testimony. I hope I don't get transferred before he can get baptized. Oh and it's Easter, happy easter! What did I do for easter? Good question, we went to church, tracted, and then had a wonderful dinner. Thanks for asking! I hope all your Easters were wonderful too.

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