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January 30, 2017

This week we door contacted someone. This guy wasn't Christian because the Bible has some contradictions and so many churches have branched off from it teaching different things (we actually meet quite a few people who are atheist because of this). There's also many rewritings of the Bible that contradict one another and it's been translated so many times and changes each time. So that's why he and quite a few others revert to atheism. See now I hate when this happens because it fits so perfectly with our message of the restoration, the need for a prophet, and how the Book of Mormon clarifies those confusions, however, by the time these people are at that point they don't care what we have to say. Even though our message fits perfectly with what they've seen, anyone who's gotten to that point (from what I've seen so far) is so closed minded to Christianity that it just doesn't register.

Anyways, this particular individual told us what that we're just another break off. No surprise, like I said, when we share the restoration with these people it doesn't register. He said that because we're "a relatively new church, [we] just copied the basic foundation and added our own twists. Ok, we get that kind of stuff a lot, but this is why I'm saying it... Afterwards I went on a little rant with Elder Knight like I do sometimes for my own gratification in knowing that I'm right. I'll share a piece of it.

Here's the thing, we are definitely not a new church and we're definitely not a branch off. Frankly, I don't even like calling us a church, I like to think of us as an organization in which the original priesthood keys and ordinances that Christ had and established are held and a place wherein we can all meet to strengthen one another, learn, and renew our covenants. But this organization (church) has been here since the beginning of time. This is the analogy I said while ranting about it pertaining to how we aren't new, but restored. It's like Twinkies. Twinkies have always been around, and then one day after the employees rebelled, the "Twinkie Boss" shut it down and took Twinkies off the face of the earth. After Twinkies were taken away other knock offs started popping up, the biggest one being "cloud cakes." That's was the "great and abominable church." But you see, it didn't have the original ingredients as a Twinkie and neither did any other knock off, so it wasn't the same. But then Twinkies came back, we've been blessed to have the original Twinkie restored. 

Does this mean Twinkies were invented in 2013? No! Does it mean the church of Jesus Christ was made in 1830? No! It was restored in 1830, but it's always been around. This church has always been here since the beginning of time. The priesthood and ordinances of salvation have been around forever, it just was taken off the earth when God's people (Twinkie employees) started rebelling, but when the time was right was restored. That's just something that needs to be cleared.



Today was the worldwide missionary broadcast, haha, cooorny! It was like one of those cheesy 80s seminary video intros. But here's what I got mostly out of it. 30 minutes less of lunch, two more hours of p day, and planning will take place in the morning instead of night now, thank heavens! We have lots more freedom to move around our schedule. I already knew what the changes were anyways, I asked a couple inspired questions here and there and acted like I knew more than I did so people inside would tell me


We had a zone meeting with over half the mission today. Another rule just popped up, we can't do "beat to teach." That means if someone is playing basketball or someone is doing flips we can't go over and do it with them in an agreement to teach them. I was also asked to share my experience with the fire incident a few weeks ago and what I learned. It was pretty funny. Not to be cocky, but it sounded like a comedian show in there, forreal. One of the missionaries just had an appendix explode a week ago, I hurt him apparently, he can't laugh. Even the mission President and his wife were dying, I thought that was good because now I'm more likely to be an assistant (just kidding, don't aspire). I even related to a spiritual aspect, and I totally winged it the whole thing! Afterwards the housing coordinator got back up and explained our call. She said when I was explaining the situation I said, "...and it started a small kitchen fire." She said "how small is small?" I said "like the oven, the back wall, a little bit of the roof and a few cabinets" and she said "then what's a big one???" I said "Umm...the whole kitchen?" She thought it was pretty funny. There's been a trend her whole time serving of missionaries' apartments having damage that wasn't reported, I broke the trend, I was the first to call admitting I did some damage. So that was nice to know that I broke the chain in that way. Then again, I'm the first to do that. But anyways, now I'm being uncomfortably prideful talking about how awesome I am, but I just wanted y'all to know how awesome I am.

Today was just weird.

Well it was one of "those days." We biked and biked and biked against wind and in the cold. There wasn't much that came out of it either and people were mean today which made it hard. My legs are throbbing. To describe today, there was a 1% chance of precipitation and we won. It rained. But oh well, we all have "those days."

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