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February 6, 2017

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Mon, Feb 6, 2017 at 11:55 AM
Ok, this is just an interesting thought, not as much spiritual, but I think about it a lot so I'm going to say it.

Some people question the existence of a God because it doesn't make sense where he'd come from. Then you ask this...Where'd you come from? Where'd anything come from? There's no reason to question where he came from if you can't comprehend where even we came from. 

Others say science doesn't correlate with the creation. Firstly, a day isn't a day, it's an unspecified period of time. Secondly, science contradicts itself when it comes to the creation of earth or anything. Big Bang? Come on now...Everyone knows there's more to it than an explosion from nothing. But there's something called the law of entropy. The law of entropy states that as time goes on, everything gets more unorganized. So tell me how after 5 billion years, the earth got organized along with nine other planets revolving around a sun in such a specific way that it can orbit it. That goes with every solar system. How would things go from a microorganism and organize themselves over millions of years to get to us, a highly complex and organized being. As time goes on, things should not be more organized unless there's someone controlling it. Imagine this...take a bunch of glass, screws, copper, metal and silicon and put it in a bag. Then shake the bag. I'll bet you that no matter how much you shake it, it will never ever turn into a phone. In fact, it'd just get more broken apart and get further and further from ever being a phone. Same thing applies. Just food for thought. There's a lot of other things, but that's the most evident I think.





Let the games begin...allergy season is starting, I was sneezing all day. Not only that, but the fun stuff is coming back. I saw the first roach of the year and a rat in our apartment today, awesome!

Ya remember I said there was a rat? We set up traps of them is missing. Heck no.

So super bowl Sunday and the Atlanta Falcons are playing, football here is religious. Today had to be carefully planned so we didn't tick everyone off, we got a referral from someone in the ward a few days ago who got it from one of her seminary students. It's a homeless guy named Dixon, we figured he wouldn't be watching football. After a few attempts in the past we finally found Dixon today, cool guy. He believes in a lot of the same things we do and he actually knows his bible (99% of the people here say they know the Bible, but they just know what their pastor shares). So we're pretty stoked, he even started talking about multiple heavens (I love that, people think we're crazy, but it talks about it in the Bible too). He knows there's stuff missing from the Bible and that people spread all over the world. Perfect introduction to the Book of Mormon. He started talking about stuff he wishes he knew more about that can be answered in the Book of Mormon. So it was awesome. But of course everyone comes with their challenges. There's some doctrinal things we need to discuss eventually, of course the word of wisdom (everyone here has that problem, even most of the members), and the best one, Halloween. He was really interested until he asked if we had any sort of thing involving Halloween, even if it's just kids wearing costumes of any kind getting candy. Before he was talking about how it's the devil's holiday and any religion who tolerates it invites demons in, I was hoping he wouldn't ask if we do any events. He asked. And I just said, "Yup." And he said then he can't convert. But phhh, he's gonna read the Book of Mormon and get over it, then maybe after we teach him a bit more in the dark forest he'll forget about it and remember what's important.

So pictures, we've got a sports car that a member built completely out of scratch 40 years ago (before the Internet) a local billboard and the first Georgia beach I've seen

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