Monday, April 17, 2017

April 3, 2017

In Quentin L. Cook's talk he talks about his kid who came and with excitement exclaimed, "I can do everything now! I can zip, I can tie, and I can ride!" It was pretty funny, but I think that can apply in other ways outside of how Cook used it. 

I think when we sit there and think how we've gone to church and read the scriptures we know everything and there's not much more to do. I'm guilty of it. I see lots of people stop going to church because they think they know it all already, but if they knew a single percentage of it they'd make an effort to come. So when we sit here thinking we know it all, I imagine Heavenly Father, much like Quentin L. Cook, thinking, "Ahh, how cute." That's what we are here for, to learn and grow, and obviously it won't come all at once. This is why revelation often comes the same the sun rises instead of all at once. If it did, it would be overwhelming and we wouldn't grasp any of it. It's like in the morning when you just wake up and you get headlights shining in your face, you wouldn't see anything, it needs to be gradual. You take stairs one by one to get to the second story, you can't jump to it.

Today after district meeting we went tracting and that's about it.

Today we did a good bit of tracting.

We switched it up today, we did service this morning, then we spent the rest of the day tracting.

We tracting for a majority of the day.

Man, general conference was good. It's not quite the same when you're a missionary, it has a whole different meaning. Other than that we just tracted.

General conference again was really good, afterwards we tracted. Our awesome investigators we got a couple weeks ago along with the other guy whom we put all on date won't get back to us so we'll have to drop them all. Too bad. More time to find people who are going to take it sseriously and follow through though!

We just got word they're taking our car away, now I'm gonna get thunder thighs for real. We get to use a car on Monday, which is p day, so it's pointless.

Sorry guys, I'm lazy this week. I guess I'm hitting "that" stage where I just don't write long emails anymore, it was bound to happen sometime. Plus not much has happened other than finding, so hopefully next week's email will be better!

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