Monday, April 17, 2017

February 27, 2017

We're each given certain gifts and responsibilities from God to build the kingdom. We have the Holy Ghost to always be with us, guys can have the responsibility of the priesthood to bound things in heaven and earth, girls have the responsibility of raising children that God has entrusted them with. These are big things. How are we using these gifts and responsibilities? Imagine you work in the log transportation industry. Everyday you have to haul logs all the way from the nearest town with your bare hands....And you're in New Mexico. Now imagine your boss surprises you with a brand new truck to help you. How would you use it? Will you get logs or a jug of milk to throw in the bed? Imagine you came back with a single log in the bed when it has capacity for fifty, how would your boss feel? Do you ink he'd let you keep using the truck? No, he's going to give it to someone else and take it from you. Now how would Heavenly Father feel if you were using the gifts and responsibilities given to you at their minimal potential, putting in the least amount of effort possible? Do you think he'd be pleased, let you keep the gift or reward you for it? Phhh no...He trusts us with these so that we can help in building the kingdom and preparing the way for Christ's second coming.


Got my new companion. His name is elder Summers. I really like him, we get along well and even have the same taste in music. Best of all, he's not from Utah! He's from Chandler, Arizona.

Today we had something kinda cool happen. Earlier a member called us asking about a couple less active members and if they'd be ok with being offered to have their kids picked up for activity night. There was one I didn't know anything about. Later that day we had enough time to knock on about two doors. So we prayed to ask which to knock on. The first door the guy wasn't really interested. The second door was this family that the member asked about earlier. Of all the hundreds and hundreds of houses in all of Winder, Bethlehem, Carl, Aubrun, and Stahtam, theirs is the one we knocked on. We didn't even know it was them or that they were members until we got to talking.





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